School Chaplaincy

The school Chaplain is The Reverend Julie Bowen, an ordained priest in the Church of England.

The Chaplain’s main responsibility is the spiritual well-being of the school community – staff, students and families.  Among other things this means being available on demand for any pastoral care and guidance, with a particular emphasis on providing a Christian perspective.

A weekly service of Holy Communion is held every Wednesday at 8.40am, which all members of the school may attend as an alternative to normal registration and assembly.  Music is led by our Chapel Choir and conducted by a sixth-form student.  Special days such as Harvest Festival and Remembrance Sunday are celebrated with extended services.

A number of pupils are prepared each year for Confirmation and sometimes also for Baptism.  Preparation classes usually take place during a lunch break in the spring term, and the service is usually held on a Friday evening early in the summer term.  Along side these classes is the opportunity for a discussion group and each half term a parent's/carers' prayer meeting is held details of which are circulated via Schoolcomms.

The Chaplain addresses the whole school every week in Friday morning assembly, where a Bible passage is read and explained. 

The Chaplain also co-ordinates the St. Olave’s community volunteering scheme known as the Le Chavetois Society, and leads an annual Chapel weekend away to Carroty Wood Christian Centre near Tonbridge.

The Chaplain is based part-time at St. Olave’s and will otherwise be at St Andrew's Bromley.  She is usually in school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and can be contacted at other times on 07775674503.

Reverend Julie Bowen