St. Olave’s Grammar School celebrates a stunning 96% A*/B grades at A-Level with a total of 75% of all grades at A*/A . Fantastic GCSE results too with 90% of grades at A*/A or the new levels 9/8/7 in Mathematics and English. 67% at A* level


Drama  demands creativity, high levels of teamwork skills and the confidence to perform and experiment with dramatic forms and convention. A high level of professionalism and commitment is essential.

All of this is supported by theatre visits throughout the year.


Year 7

In Year 7 students have one lesson per fortnight. The focus is on developing their performance skills, and on basic drama techniques including still images, narration and cross-cutting. We explore a variety of devised and scripted work with themes including Roald Dahl, ghost stories, and historic events that changed the world. Students are encouraged to be
imaginative and creative, while also being disciplined in their focus on the tasks.

Year 8

Year 8 builds on the techniques explored in Year 7, adding in some different theatre styles including chorus and physical theatre. We begin by working in the first term in small groups on stories from ‘The Canterbury Tales’ focusing on skills necessary for learning lines and achieving comic timing and characterisation. In the second term we look at different genres, with the students developing their devising skills.

Ms A. Wilkie

Head of Drama