In a record year at St Olave’s Grammar School, students achieved a stunning 96% A*/B grades. A total of 75% of all grades were at A*/A, 3 percentage points up on last year’s. 32 students gained straight A* grades in at least 3 subjects.

Year 7 Admissions - Frequently Asked Questions

Does St. Olave’s have a catchment area?

The School does not operate a catchment area.

Do I need to book a place to view the School on Open Morning?

No, there is no requirement for you to book. You and your son are most welcome to attend between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm.

What is the format of the Entrance Tests?

Please see the ‘Application Procedure’ tab to the left for information. 

Are past papers available?

Past papers are not available but you can download sample questions via the links or collect hard copies from the School.

What happens if my son is unwell on the day of the Test?

If your son is unwell on the Test days, to such an extent that you feel his results will be affected, should not let him attend  as no allowance can be made for under performance. You must inform the School no later than the day of the Test, either by email ( or telephone (01689 820101). Please note that a doctor’s certificate will be required to confirm illness as the reason for non-attendance. Subject to receiving appropriate documentary evidence, an alternative date will be offered.

My son has Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. When do I inform the School?

Details of any SEND, known medical needs or other circumstances which may require positive action on the day of the Test must be submitted with your Online SIF.  Please see further information under Application Procedure.

How do I appeal against the Governors decision not to offer my son a place?

Parents/Carers have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel. Forms are available from Admissions or via the Clerk to The Appeal Panel care of the School.  Please note that Appeals are seldom successful because places are offered in rank order and admission is on the basis of academic performance in our Entrance Tests.