University Offers Update:Current total for Oxbridge + Medicine Offers received is now a staggering 74. Our congratulations to all students for all offers received. We wish you well as you await your examination results


Homework is set for each student throughout the School in accordance with homework timetables, which are issued at the beginning of each academic year for Years 7-11 and available below. There is no set timetable for the Sixth Form, but each department has guidelines in place on the appropriate frequency and nature of subject-specific work to be set.

  • In KS3, most subjects set one 60 minute homework task per fortnight. (Mathematics, Languages and Science set two 30 minute homework tasks per fortnight).
  • In KS4, subjects set two 45 minute homework tasks per fortnight.  For Year 10, the setting of homework may be suspended by departments during the summer external examination period.
  • In KS5, students in Year 12 are expected to undertake at least 4 hours of work beyond the class for each AS subject per week, some of which will be set by their teachers. In Year 13 students are expected to undertake at least 6 hours of work beyond class for each A2 subject per week, some of which will be set by their teachers. In addition to their private study, at certain times of the year, students will also be required to undertake work which is directly related to their examinations (e.g. coursework, revision, etc.).


GCSE Booster Events for Yr11 2016/17
Homework Timetable 2016-17