Key Stage 3 French

Students come to us with various levels of knowledge and understanding of French. In Year 7 and Year 8 the activities are designed to suit a range of learning styles and provide opportunities for students to develop their understanding.

Alongside the main four skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing – students will be challenged to become independent and creative thinkers; to reflect on their learning; and to participate effectively in a team.


Year 7


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term



Mon collège

Ma zone

C´est perso

Mes passetemps

3… 2… 1… Partez!










Key Language & Grammar

spelling in French

saying how old you are

saying when your birthday is

using articles

using plurals

talking about hobbies

using adjectives

using a dictionary

using possessive adjectives

using petit and grand

ordering in a café

using the verb être

forming questions


the partitive article

Qu´est-ce que…? and Est-ce que…?

il y a / il n´y a pas de

tu and vous

à & definite article


vouloir & infinitive

pouvoir & infinitive

the definite article

the present tense of –er verbs

the present tense of avoir

Qu´est-ce que…?

adjectival agreement

the present tense of être

possessive adjectives

regular –er verbs

jouer à & sport

faire de & sport/activity

aimer, adorer, détester & infinitive

plural verb forms

possessive adjectives


reflexive verbs

the near future tense

je voudrais + infinitive

‘to’/’in’ a place or country

















meeting and greeting people

counting to 21

learning the days of the week and the months

saying what there is in your school bag

describing your classroom

saying what you like and dislike

saying what colour things are

talking about animals

talking about your family

saying where you live

saying what you eat and drink

talking about nationalities and countries

talking about the weather

talking about school subjects

asking questions

giving opinions and reasons

agreeing and disagreeing

describing your timetable

using the 12-hour clock

describing your school day

using on to describe we

talking about food

using the partitive article

talking about winter celebrations

talking about your town/village

giving directions

talking about where you go

asking someone to go somewhere

saying what you can do in town

facts about France

researching a region in France

talking about likes and dislikes

talking about your survival kit

describing yourself

describing other people

describing a musician

introducing yourself in detail

talking about your holidays

talking about getting ready to go out

buying drinks and snacks

using higher numbers

talking about holiday plans

saying what you would like to do

talking about where people go on holiday

finding out about holidays in France

talking about computers and mobiles

talking about which sports you play

talking about activities

saying what you like doing

describing what other people do

talking about extreme sports


Year 8


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


T´es branché(e)?

Mon identité

Quel talent?!

Paris, je t´adore!

Chez moi, chez toi

Studio découverte

Key Language



the present tense of –er , -re and -ir verbs

the present tense of avoir and être

adjectival agreement

reflexive verbs

agreeing, disagreeing and giving reasons

the near future tense

past, present and future tenses

infinitives and the verb vouloir

pouvoir and devoir

the imperative

superlative adjectives

using a variety of structures and tenses

the perfect tense of regular and irregular verbs

the perfect tense with être

asking questions in the perfect tense

c´était and j´ai trouvé ça

comparative adjectives


boire and prendre

il faut

using 3 tenses


talking about television programmes

talking about films

talking about reading

talking about the internet

talking about what you did yesterday evening

talking about personality

talking about relationships

talking about music

talking about clothes

talking about your passion

talking about talent and ambition

encouraging or persuading someone

rehearsing for the contest

saying who is the best, the most, the least

showing how much you can do with the French language

saying what you did in Paris

saying when you did things

understanding information about a tourist attraction

saying where you went and how

interviewing a suspect

describing where you live

describing your home

talking about meals

discussing what food to buy

talking about an event

world geography and French-speaking countries

How to plant a garden!

The French Revolution