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Key Stage 3 German

Students come to us with various levels of knowledge and understanding of German.  In Year 7 and Year 8 the activities are designed to suit a range of learning styles and provide opportunities for students to develop their understanding.

Alongside the main four skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing – students will be challenged to become independent and creative thinkers; to reflect on their learning; and participate effectively in a team.

Year 7 


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Meine Welt und ich
Freizeit – juhu!
Gute Reise!
Familie und Tiere
Schule ist klasse!
Key Language & Grammar
subject pronouns
definite and indefinite articles
regular verbs in the present tense
auxiliary verbs haben & sein in the present tense
possessive adjectives
irregular verbs in the present tense
word order
present tense with a future meaning

es gibt & (k)ein/(k)eine/(k)einen

ich möchte

auxiliary verb werden in the present tense

modal verb constructions
adjectival agreement
ordinal numbers
question words
prepositions with the Dative case
future tense


introducing yourself
learning how to pronounce German words
counting to 1 000 000
using the German alphabet
describing your character
asking and answering questions about your belongings
preparing a poster presentation
checking my work
talking about which sports you play
talking about leisure activities
giving your opinion
talking about how often you do activities
talking about mobiles and computers
developing prediction strategies
understanding longer listening texts
making your writing more interesting and varied
writing about your free time
saying what there is/isn´t in a town
saying what souvenirs you want to buy
buying snacks and drinks
talking about holiday plans
understanding longer, more varied spoken texts
focusing on high-frequency words
writing at length about a topic
adapting a model
talking about pets
using pronouns
talking about family members and age
describing family members
talking about birthdays
developing speaking skills
practising asking and answering questions
talking about school subjects
talking about days and times
describing your teachers
talking about school facilities and rules
understanding longer reading texts
looking up words you don´t know
talking at length about a topic
improving your pronunciation

Year 8



Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Ich liebe Ferien!
Bleib gesund!
Wir gehen aus
Bist du ein Medienfan?
Klassenreisen machen Spaß!
Key Language
the imperfect tense of high-frequency verbs
the perfect tense with haben
the perfect tense with sein
regular and irregular past participles
word order
irregular verbs in the perfect tense
the imperative
wenn-clauses, including mirror effect
past, present and future tenses
um… zu-clauses
perfect tense questions
modal verbs in the imperfect tense
gern/lieber/am liebsten
reflexive and separable verbs in the present and perfect tenses


comparing places “then” and “now”
talking about what you did on holiday
talking about how you travelled
talking about the weather
talking about problems on holiday


talking about typical breakfasts
discussing traditional German food
understanding and using recipes
talking about healthy lifestyles
understanding and responding to longer texts
developing note-taking skills
describing and comparing dinner parties
using language creatively in a new context
discussing clothes and style
talking about plans for a date
talking about getting ready to go out
talking about how the date went
talking about uniforms
preparing for a debate
researching fair-trade labels
creating publicity material
talking about film preferences
talking about programmes you watch
talking about your reading preferences
discussing screen time
understanding opinions and media reviews
reading for gist
talking about speaking different languages
using and understanding different tenses
understanding rules
discussing daily routine
understanding and giving directions
describing a festival
learning and writing about festivals in Switzerland
describing an activity holiday