Key Stage 3 Latin

All Key Stage 3 students will follow a broad enrichment programme with a course on ancient warfare, theatre, law courts, philosophy, democracy and oligarchy, Sparta and Athens.

Year 7

  • Introduction to ‘Nobilitatis vita.’ Journey from Baiae to Rome. Three declensions of nouns, active form of three verbal tenses. Adjectives.
  • Background material – citizenship and slavery. The Roman Family.

All IPM assessments linked to learning of syntax vocabulary and prosody. Homework perceived in terms of achievement thereof.

The Ecce Romani series introduces the students to the Cornelii, a typical Noble family of the first century. Cornelius and his wife Aurelia have two children and live during the Summer months near Baiae where they enjoy the coastal climate.  On the spur of the moment, Cornelius is summoned by the Emperor Titus back to Rome for emergency senatorial business.  Their carriage is forced off the road into a ditch; the family is obliged to stay in an infradig tavern.  Thus the students are introduced not only to basic grammar but the Roman class and political system; the dangers of travel in the Ancient World, the road systems and the powers of the Emperors. 

Year 8

  • Life in Rome. Public buildings, and necropoloi. The roles of senator and senatus. Remaining two declensions of noun; remaining two active tenses. Introduction of three modes in syntactical context.

All IPM assessments linked to learning of syntax vocabulary and prosody.  Homework perceived in terms of achievement thereof.

The Cornelii family are ensconced in the inn where the women of the family head for the bedrooms and bolt their doors.  The menfolk scoff at their timidity, descend to the bar and enjoy drink.  There they hear in bardic tradition a story of murder told by a veteran soldier.  Frissons of fear are sent down the boys’ backs and after their initial bravado, they too head for their rooms where they spend disturbed evenings full of dreams of ghosts and murder.  It is with great relief that with Dawn raising her rosy finger that they all set off again to Rome.  The family are greatly cheered by the sight of typical landmarks; the tomb of Caecila Metella, the Porta Capena and the Colosseum.  Book 2 deals with dreams, oracles, civic buildings and the topography of the Italian landscape.