Classical Civilisation

Students wishing to study this course must obtain at least a Grade 7 in GCSE English. A Grade 7 or above in History also is preferred. Students will confirm whether they will be sitting AS or continuing to A-Level in the first half of Year 12. At the time of writing the syllabus is still in its draft form. For more detail candidates are advised to see the OCR Classical Civilisation website.

AS Level Classical Civilisation

Candidates study two modules

What's assessed

  1. Greek Epic Poetry. Homer’s ‘Odyssey’. The World of the Hero.
  2. Greek Theatre. Sophokles’ ‘ Oedipus the King’ and Euripides’ ‘Bacchae’ and the Old Comedy of Aristophanes  and the study of his play ‘The Frogs’.

How it's assessed

Two papers. Both papers are worth 65 marks and are 90 minutes in length.

 A-Level Classical Civilisation.

There are three papers.

Paper one. Homer’s 'Odyssey' and Virgil’s Aeneid. 100 marks. 140 minutes long.

Paper two. Greek Theatre. 75marks. 105 minutes long.

Paper Three. Democracy and the Athenians. 75 marks. 105 minutes long.


Year 12 visit classical sites in The Mediterranean Basin.


A Classics Degree is regarded by employers as an illustration of an ability to think logically and coherently; it therefore, in combination with suitable work experience and specialist training from the employer opens doors to a variety of careers from accountancy and consultancy to the diplomatic corps, Foreign Office, civil service and the law.

Mr Alexander Carroll, Head of Classics