Mission Statement

St. Olave’s is a Church of England school and a multi-faith community where excellence is both celebrated and sought after, and where a broad focus on scholarship combined with cultural enrichment is underpinned by a strong set of values.

We try to locate academic excellence within the broader concept of true scholarship, encouraging all our students to become independent thinkers, engaging critically in the learning process and having a vibrant approach to intellectual curiosity, so that they leave St. Olave's with a thirst for knowledge and lifelong love of learning. Every student should be challenged to have the highest aspirations, and committed to developing his or her abilities to the fullest possible extent.

Olavians are interesting people who enjoy, and get fully involved in, a variety of co-curricular experiences alongside their academic pursuits. The school will provide opportunities for every student to nurture and develop their talents so that their lives are culturally enriched and their involvement enables them to develop wider qualities of leadership, teamwork, reliability and responsibility to others.

St. Olave’s retains a small school ethos where staff know the students well and address their individual needs, and where there is a sense of pride and loyalty in being part of a multi-cultural community. Important traditions that date back over 450 years provide a framework of distinctive Christian values that underpin the work ethic and corporate spirit. These include welcoming individuals from all faiths, or none; encouraging understanding, respect and tolerance for all; developing an appreciation of right and wrong within moral and social responsibility; ensuring that all our students leave St. Olave’s as compassionate, self-disciplined, independent young adults with the skills necessary to play a full and positive role in society.


School Values