1 Feb - Speaker@st.Olave's series


On Wednesday 30th January, we held the first talk in our Speakers@St.Olave’s series, which was given by Professor David Strachan, entitled ‘Hay fever, hygiene and household size: the journey of a lifetime’. His 1989 ‘hygiene hypothesis’ has sparked numerous subsequent pieces of research, exploring the impact of factors such as birth order and rural upbringing on the likelihood of humans developing allergies including hay fever. He gave students, parents, staff, and local residents an insight into how a research career in public health and epidemiology can evolve from an early discovery, leading to studies on scales ranging from local to international, and through a diverse set of scientific approaches. The second talk in the series will be next Wednesday, 6th February, given by Dr Giles Cattermole, on the topic of ‘Ethics in an African Emergency Department’. Tickets will be available for students outside the Sixth Form Library and for parents and other visitors from Reception.

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