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28 November - Students perform Euripides "Bacchae"


Students gave a very convincing and authentic performance of Euripides' 'Bacchae'; congratulations to all the cast and particularly to student directors Joseph Cordery and Daniel Finucane.  The audience's appreciation of the play was enhanced by a lively and enlightening lecture given by Dr Emmanuela Bakola prior to the performance. She described the use of space and how the hills, the woods, and the waves represented the dionysian, the uncontrolled and the non-civic. She also suggested that the doors in the central structure of the palace (the home), were a passage to the human soul of the protagonist Pentheus. All the actors were very plausible and Robert Pattinson's Dionysus was electrifying and dynamic. Yemi Talabi's scream at her realisation that she had decapitated her son will have been heard in Lydia itself.

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