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11 Feb - Wellbeing Week


This week is Wellbeing Week, the aim of which is to enable students across the school to consider mental health and the importance of looking after one’s wellbeing. The week has been designed to highlight the many issues concerning mental health that relate to students within school.

Our first event is a cross curricular Wellbeing day for Year 9 on Monday 11th February. The Upfront Theatre Company are presenting their ‘In Harm’s Way’ production to them and students will spend the day developing an understanding of wellbeing from the perspective of different departments.

On Tuesday 12th, we are delighted to welcome back both Jennifer Langley and Alicia Drummond. Jennifer a chartered accountant and author who works closely with the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, will be presenting to Year 10 . She has focused her attention on raising awareness of mental health and the emotional resilience of young people. Her focus is: ‘Self-Esteem and When it all goes Wrong’.

Alicia Drummond’s talk on 13th February will be to Year 11 during the day and then to both students and parents in the evening on ‘Anxiety.’ Her presentation will be proceeded by Mr Haines who will be starting the evening event off at 6pm discussing ‘What makes us happy”.

PSHE, Assemblies and tutor time will be a forum for discussions on the theme of mental health and the Second edition of the Wellbeing Journal will also be available. Students involved have done a superb job in putting this journal together and and our thanks go to Amaar, Hannah and Jake (Year 13) in particular for all of the hard work that went into this project. If you are interested in purchasing a copy this can be done through Squid though it will be freely accessible on the website. All proceeds will go to MIND. Copies will be on sale at the event on Wednesday evening.

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