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26 Feb - F1 in Schools Competition


On Friday 15th February, St Olave's hosted the South East Regional Competition with 27 teams taking part across the 3 classifications. The competition involves creating a pit display, team identity, manufacturing a miniature F1 car with specific restrictions and evidencing the process through engineering portfolios. The teams are interviewed and present their story through a presentation as well as racing the cars on the 25m drag race track.  

In the Entry Class St Olave's entered two Year 8 teams, Blitz and Golden Motorsports. The two teams performed extremely well across the whole competition, especially as it was their first ever competition. In the racing element the teams performed outstandingly with the two teams achieving the fastest and second fastest times for the 25m track. 
The St Olave's teams were rewarded for their endevaours at the awards ceremony, with Blitz picking up the Sponsorship and Marketing award and placing second overall and Golden Motorsports winning the Entry Class and gaining a VIP place at the national competition. 

In the Development class, our Year 9 team performed exceptionally well as it was also their first time competing. The team came up against some experienced teams who had competed in previous years. Despite this Electron performed outstandingly well, their car was consistently the fastest car in the field and picked up the trophy for fastest car, they also won the best engineered car award. The team came second overall in their class winning them a place at nationals in two weeks time. 

Good Luck to all involved at the nationals. 

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