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22 March - Physics Department benefits from PA fundraising


Thanks to our PA fundraising efforts, the Physics Department were recently able to purchase a set of tablets, as well as some data logging and motion sensing equipment.

These images the show  our Year 12 students carrying out an investigation into Newton’s Second Law of Motion. The students have attached the dynamics trolley to a hanging mass. The weight of this mass provides the resultant force required to accelerate the mass. Light gates register when the black card on the dynamics trolley passes through, and can calculate the average velocity if the length of the black card is known (in this case 10cm).

The data logger calculates the acceleration between the light gates, by comparing the velocities at light gates 1 and 2, and the time between these measurement. This is communicated by a control tablet via Bluetooth, and the tablet instantly displays the reults. As can be seen on the tablet display, the acceleration increases linearly as the applied force increases. As the mass of the trolley remains constant, this demonstrates Newton’s Second Law.

Both the tablets and the data collection equipment were kindly donated by the PA, and have provided the students with fantastic opportunities to experience data collection as it would happen at University or Industry. 

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