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1 April - BPhO GCSE Challenge Results


Congratulations to our Year 11 Physicists on a very impressive haul of awards in the extremely difficult British Physics Olympiad GCSE Challenge. Last year our students scored 3 Gold and 5 Silver Awards. The current Year 11 easily outperformed this with a phenomenal 5 Gold and 16 Silver Awards. The Golds went to Joshua Selfridge, Linus Luu, Charlie Callow, Jamie Davies and Rishi Tandon. Silver Awards were achieved by Rashid Bassong, Anton Amosso, Josh Parchure, Arvin Boraghi, Ansh Batura, Alessandro Lauri Mehta, Daniel Pereira, Nikita Lewis, Joseph Barradell, Joel Ulens, Shreyas Bharadwaj, Ishan Kalia, Jonah McDonald, Benjamin Mosely, Arunabh Bagchi and Aditya Palaniappan, Many more should also be congratulated on their Bronze Awards and Commendations. Well done to all the students who volunteered to sit such a gruelling examination of their Physics knowledge.

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