7 May - Annual Y7 Inter-house Balloon Debate


This competition took place last week in the Great Hall with teams of three from each form speaking in role to persuade us that their place in the balloon was safe. Choices of role included Newton, Faraday, Einstein, Martin Luther King and Donald Trump and the students demonstrated their formal speaking skills including impressive well developed detail, rhetorical devices and imaginative engagement with their audience. 

The individual winner was Shaun Abraham who delivered an impassioned, captivating speech as Michael Faraday. He spoke with confidence and clarity. The team prize went to 7L who presented on Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Dwight Eisenhower. All three created believable characters, spoke articulately and structured their pieces logically. They demonstrated a sense of humour and a strong connection with their peers.

Every student has now taken part in the balloon debate in class as an opportunity to hone their public speaking skills so well done to all.

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