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24 May - Year 9 Money Matters and First Aid day


Throughout the morning we learnt a range of First Aid skills. We were taught how to assess and treat someone who is unconscious, including CPR and the recovery position, and how to administer First Aid to someone with a large cut or wound. Throughout the St. John’s Ambulance staff debunked popular myths about First Aid and talked through possible scenarios and how to deal with them. The St. John’s staff all made sure we understood exactly what we were trying to do!

In the afternoon we were taught about personal finance and how we will have to manage it in the future. This included budgeting, taxes and investments. This was very valuable being a topic that many people of our age are naïve about. They taught us about the pros and cons of entrepreneurship which will be valuable information for our futures and also about how not to get caught out when taking loans and investing money. Overall the day was very useful in preparing us for the future, both financially and teaching us new skills that could possibly save lives!

Our thanks to Money matters Staff and to the St. John’s Ambulance staff who facilitated this hugely successful day.

Written by, Tommy Higgins Yr 9

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