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3 June - Year 9 French Exchange


Year 9 French students travelled to Lille for the French exchange in activity week 1 with Mademoiselle Mahadevan and Madame Komuves. The students stayed for a week with their French exchange partners from our partner school Institution La Croix Blanche, and they enjoyed speaking French on a daily basis.

They took part in numerous activities, including visiting Brussels, where they were taken on a guided tour by a senior civil servant around the European Parliament and attended an interactive session on the role of the EU, European Politics, and the importance of learning languages.

They also travelled to the centre of Brussels where they were able to visit the beautiful central square and historical buildings, and they additionally enjoyed sampling local delicacies in various chocolatiers. Students additionally attended a waffle making demonstration in Houplines, went cycling for several kilometres with their exchange partners across the French countryside along an ancient railway line, and also ordered their meal in French at a traditional crêperie in Lille.

They also attended lessons entirely in French at the partner school, where they were treated to a traditional French breakfast. They discovered a lot about French culture, and completed diary entries in French documenting their visit. All boys had improved their French tremendously by the end of the week and had an enjoyable time in France. 

The following give a flavour of Year 9's trip to Brussels and to the EU Parliament


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