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3 June - Junior Mathematics Challenge


Olavians from Years 7 and 8 produced another strong set of results in the year’s Junior Mathematical Challenge, a national competition comprising a set of twenty-five multiple choice problems of increasing complexity. Well over ninety percent of entrants achieved a certificate, including 105 gold, 88 silver and 42 bronze certificates. Congratulations go to Ray Keemer of Year 8 and Aryaa Saravanakumar of Year 7 who achieved best-in-year results. They, along with eight others, have qualified for the prestigious Junior Mathematical Olympiad follow-on round. In addition, an amazing 62 have qualified for the Junior Kangaroo Challenge taking place in June. The high proportion of very capable problem-solvers continues to be an impressive feature of Olavian students.

Neil Maltman
May 2019

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