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6 June - BPhO Year 10 Physics Challenge


Year 10 Olavian students recently competed in the British Physics Olympiad Year 10 Challenge against over 10000 of the most able Physics students in England and Wales. St Olave’s students excelled with a phenomenal 69 Gold Awards, 24 Silver and 18 Bronze.  For comparison, the previous St Olave’s record for Gold Awards was 46!  Special mention should be given to Kiran Pearce, Velian Velikov, Shrey Choudhary, Thanmay Mangala Sachidananda, Bharathsri Sivasritharan and Neil Tripathi  as they achieved 90% or better in a very tough examination, putting them in the top 2% of Physics students in the country.. We hope that this will encourage the students to undertake the more challenging Year 11 Physics Olympiad paper next year. Congratulations to all the students who took part in the Year 10 Challenge.


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