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5 December - Medics' Society publish Edition 3 of their Magazine


Congratulations to President, Liam Carroll, Vice President, Ella Day and Secretary, Matipe Chieza, as well as all the contributors, on the publication of the 3rd edition of the Medics’ Society Magazine. Copies should be available to purchase at The Olavian Lecture on Monday evening. As usual it is packed full with interesting articles including:

Multiple Sclerosis -  Effie Iossifidiss;  Human Chimeras - Simon Ng; The causes and treatment of depression -  Danny Jenkins; Progeria - Caitlin Tassell; Health care costs of the obesity pandemic - Kartigan Nathan; GFP: The shining light of biomedical research - Eamon Hassan; Let’s stop saving and instead reinvent the NHS - Liam Carroll; PotMed and the Imperial College Vision Society - Calvin On; The Effect of Sleep Wake Disorder on the blind - Stephen Chan; Is depression a legitimate medical disorder? - Danish Hafeez;  and The consequences of passive smoking - Iham Kasem

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