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17 June - Year 7 Boulogne Trip


The day started with many groans and grunts about coming to school at 5 a.m., which meant some of us getting up at 3:00! However, after 30 minutes of anticipation, we were finally on the coach, either dead asleep or singing at the top of our lungs. Two hours later, we were driving off the train and looking around at the French side of the Eurostar. We were all looking forward to what was in front of us …not the Audi. So, here’s how it all went.

After arriving in Boulogne and unloading ourselves like piles of rocks, we stretched our feet and grouped up with our leaders, only to find out that one coach was half an hour behind. Anyway, this didn’t matter as we were all too ecstatic about finally being in France. First of all, we hiked up a steep hill in the town, which ultimately lead us to the Basilica, a huge monumental Church, overlooking the coast and market. Once we reached the end of this arduous walk, we were truly taken aback by the sheer size and grandeur of the building. It was fantastic! Columns of craftsmanship, ornaments of gold and other precious stones. Even the woodwork had us all thinking: “Wow! How did they manage that!”

Following on from the Basilica, we took a short break to try and sketch the monument, which nobody did exceedingly well, as we were all looking forward to our next stop: the market! We scurried down the hill, like 4-year-olds running out to break-time. After a brief discussion about the do’s and don’ts, we were off, spreading out, some going for the sweetshop, some instructed by their parents to buy cheese and bread, some even buying sunglasses. It was a great hour spent asking people where to find certain products, and those who bought a huge Twix bar for €4 were walking around showing their purchase to everyone they saw.

Next, we wandered slowly down the main road, walking alongside the seashore, until we finally reached the Sea-life Centre, just as our legs started to ache. We made one last effort to swing around to the back of the aquarium, before dropping our bags for a long awaited lunch break. This took what felt like another 3 hours, but it really only took 45 minutes. In this time, however, we managed to decide which ball games we were playing on the beach. Anyway, we were soon in the Sea-life Centre, waiting to see the variety of marine life and read fascinating facts about species we didn’t even know existed. We were even lucky to witness a talk about the fish there, come up close to sharks and manta rays, while we had a view of the whole aquarium of amazingly coloured tropical fish just a few feet away. Lastly, we saw a great sea-lion show, where we experienced some tricks like jumping high out of the water and doing a lap of the enclosure.

Finally, to finish our fun-filled day – beach games. We set up a massive inter-house tournament rematch, for some chocolate prizes. We also set up cricket along the wooden path, so everyone had some options as to what to do for 90 minutes. In the end, we left, got back into our coaches and relaxed as we headed back to school after such a fun- packed day.
Freddie Noel Storr (Yr7)



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