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27 June - News from the English Department


Cambridge English and History Conference 2019

17 English and History students enjoyed a brief residence at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge for a taste of university life. There were inspiring lectures from university fellows that included an introduction to Practical Criticism from Dr Daniel Tyler, Trinity Hall, a powerful exploration entitled ’Staging Blood and Violence’ by Hester Lees- Jeffries, St Catharine’s, and a fascinating insight into the Social and Economic Changes in 1980s Britain from Dr Lucy Delap, Murray Edwards. 

Some of the lecturers had been recommended by Young Olavians who have or are studying at Cambridge and it is wonderful to hear how impressed they are by our alumni. The students also visited the Fitzwilliam Museum to inspire them and develop their cultural experience. 

English Enrichment Day Activities Week 1

A musical about 9/11 sounds unlikely, but From Far Away is a poignant production about what happened to the planes that were grounded following the attack on the Twin Towers in 2001. Year 9 students enjoyed this fantastic show that tackles all the problems and prejudices that faced the passengers and people of Gander, the small town in Newfoundland, that fateful day. This emotional drama was both uplifting and cathartic, teaching us about empathy and how to break down barriers and build bridges. The narrative structure made for a challenging, impressive piece presented with minimal staging and props, and with a small cast of actors assuming different roles.

In the morning the boys visited the Tate Modern or the National Gallery where art was used as a stimulus for creative writing, and offered an opportunity for us all to appreciate the cultural experiences on offer in London.

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