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15 December - Natural Sciences Society - Issue 6


Congratulations to President, Abhishek Patel, and Vice Presidents, Raunak Rao and Elena Rastorgueva, on the publication of Issue 6 of the Olavian Natural Sciences Society Journal. Well done to all of the contributors on these fascinating articles:The secret of Tortoiseshell Felines - Vicky Kwok; Hepatitis C – a new hope  - Druv Krishna; Theory of Special Relativity - Akhil Sonthi; Extra-terrestrial intelligence - David van Egghen; Sustainable nuclear fusion - Chandan Dodeja; Can social media change our brains? - Danny Jenkins;  Chemistry and Art - Darshana Sridhar;  Orchestrated objective reduction - Rowan Wright;  Consequences of passive smoking - Iham Kasem; Saturn’s moons - Elena Rastorgueva; Autoclave sterilisation - Raunak Rao; The RuBISCO enzyme  - Abhishek Patel and Polymer-based solar cells - Olivia Argent.

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