12 Nov - German Embassy Career Fair quiz


Just before the half term break, 21 year 11 students visited a careers fair at the German Embassy in London with Frau Probodziak and Frau Cranenburgh. At the fair, they learned more about a variety of industries that value German language skills, from finance and accounting, through fashion, to consumer goods, and consulting. Students were able to speak with representatives from different companies to learn more about what it would mean to work for them and how they could use their German skills. Furthermore, undergraduate students from the London School of Economics were on site to do mock job interviews in German with the year 11 students. 

As part of this event, four Year 11s managed to submit winning entries (out of over 300 entries from students across the UK) to the German Embassy Career Fair quiz, so congratulations to: Chima Ndukwu, Yacub Rahman, Amartya Pandey, Pelumi Oloyede 


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