Year 11 Linguists German Trip


On Tuesday the 5th of November, twenty year 11 students studying German travelled into central London with Frau Probodziak and a special guest appearance from Frau Cooley. They started the day by completing an escape room in teams at the Goethe Institut. Their task was to find the hacker using the iPads and clues left behind before the hacker escaped the building. Fortunately all groups were successful, and much faster than the average completion time.

Following this, they were given a quiz to complete in the neighbouring Science Museum on German scientists, discoveries, and technology. In the afternoon, students returned to the Goethe Institut for a private screening of the film 'Almanya', which tells the heartwarming and historically accurate of a German-Turkish family whose grandparents came to Germany after World War Two as "guest workers". The film explores the theme of identity and the family relationships across three generations of the family.

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the results of the activities in groups add to the house competition ongoing this year. 

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