11 Nov - Remembrance Day Service 2019


Our whole school annual Remembrance Day Service took part on Monday. Old Olavian Mr Graham Milne laid the wreath together with Captain of School, Amro Fadel, with Sarah El-Toukhy lighting the candle of peace. We also appreciated the attendance of the Chairman of the Old Olavian Society, Mr Chris Harris. Thank you to the Chaplain, Reverend Dr Julie Bowen, for leading the Service; to the Choir for their performances of ‘Geistliches Lied’ by Brahms and to Edward Cameron for his trumpet playing of ‘The Last Post’ and ‘Reveille’. The school’s Poet Laureate, Year 12 student, Ben Davies, wrote and read a poem for the service:







What words have I?

What words have I?

Who never sat beneath that scarlet sky

Who never saw the poppies bloom

Like blood sprung out the world's new wound


What words have I?

For those who fell and lost their lives

Who am I to them, whose fatal story

ends, ‘pro patria mori’?


They sit now, beyond our eyes

In some patriotic paradise

For it’s to them we owe our lives

For their righteous sacrifice


To never share their time with friends

To never laugh and love again

To never see their children born

From their future portraits torn


So what’s to say that's not been said?

By better voices, those that bled.

By Mary, Owen, Sassoon, McCrae.

Brooke, Kipling, Wyn and Graves


What man am I to stand before

These men who felt and wept and saw

I’m a boy who’s known no war

Whose world from out their wounds was born

What words have I?

I think it’s best to sit in silence

And recount on senseless violence

And hope to shape myself in likeness

To those that came before

So flailing hands, pass me the torch

We shall not break the faith you bought

With your stoic, noble lives

Long may we recognise your sacrifice

I shall remember

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