15 Nov - St. Olave's goes to Hollywood, thanks to Old Olavian


We are thriled to have heard from Old Olavian, Mike Battle, from the Class of 2012 leavers who, since graduating from Bristol has been working in the film industry and spent the whole of last year working as the set designer’s PA on the new Terminator: Dark Fate film in Budapest and Madrid. Mike has revealed the following exciting news:

"The Director was too busy to choose a name for an airbase featured in the movie so tasked the Art Department to provide names…thus falling to my boss …and as she was too busy…fell to me.

I decided to name it ‘Bingham Air Force Base’ after my school house which the Director approved and as such is now in the movie! You can hear Arnold Schwarzenegger himself saying ‘Bingham Airforce Base’ along with one of the other lead actors saying ‘We’ve got to get to Bingham Air Force Base’ in the film.

The set was filmed at the working Budapest city airport in 2018 and a huge sign was erected with the name of it to which was really cool to see!" (pictured below)

We are thrilled to see that Mike's fondness for his Olavian days have been immortalised in this way! The movie is still in cinemas, so if you have not yet seen it, be sure to listen out for Arnold Schwarzenegger saying it on the big screen!


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