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19 December - Roast the Reverend


The School Chaplain’s regular discussion group ended the term with a Christmas special edition of Roast the Reverend.  This is a light-hearted event where students are given a no-holds-barred opportunity to grill Revd McClellan on any topic of their choice.

Questions are written anonymously on cards and then randomly pulled out of a hat.  In a 20-minute interrogation fest, the Chaplain raced through over 30 different questions, ranging from the theological (is religion the cause of too many wars? / when and how did you realise God was your friend?) to the personal (have you ever tried a cigarette? / what is your monthly salary?) and the bizarre (what is your shade of number – A, B or C?)

A large number of Lower School students attended (attracted no doubt in part by the promise of mince pies), with boys from a wide range of cultural and religious backgrounds including Muslims and Hindus as well as those of no particular faith.

This brought to an end the term’s programme of Firm Foundations, the Chaplain’s discussion group.  Meetings will resume in the New Year and are open to all students in Years 7 to 11, regardless of belief or background.

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