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9 Dec - Year 8 Christmas market trip to Aachen, Germany


On Thursday the 5th of December, Year 8 travelled to Aachen in Germany for a visit to the charming Christmas market, as well as the beautiful medieval Cathedral and treasury. 
The journey across France, Belgium, then into Germany went smoothly and the boys spent much of the Eurotunnel crossing attempting to spot fish through the tunnel windows after one of the coach drivers suggested they might be able to spot some marine life!

We arrived at our hostel in central Aachen that night, and after a somewhat lengthy check-in process, were all very grateful to get some sleep in the en-suite rooms. 
We enjoyed quite an early breakfast on Friday morning; the buffet put on by the hostel was extensive and included a range of hot drinks, and juices, which the boys enjoyed working out the translations of. 
After we checked out, we first visited the shopping high street of Aachen and the boys had a chance to buy souvenirs, although most opted for topping up their sugar levels by purchasing copious amounts of sweets! Their appetites were not spoiled though, as we then visited the market to buy lunch. 

Our tour guides in the cathedral and treasury were extremely impressed with the boys’ extensive knowledge and understanding of medieval history, Greek mythology, Christian theology, Latin language, and their willing participation and engagement. After these entertaining and informative tours, we visited the market again to buy any souvenirs or snacks for the return journey. The most unusual purchases would have to be a bright pink skateboard and sizeable dinosaur toy! 

We then bid the city of Aachen farewell and embarked on the journey back to the UK. Our coach drivers took us safely to the Eurotunnel for our planned crossing, and again, there were attempts to spot the elusive fish. We arrived back at St Olave’s late on Friday night, and the boys, who had mostly fallen asleep by this point, greeted their parents somewhat bleary-eyed and stuffed with goodies from Germany. 

A great time was had by all and our boys behaved impeccably and really did themselves and St. Olave’s proud. 



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