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12 Dec - Sixth Form Linguists visit British Film Institute


On Thursday the 12th of December, year 12 and year 13 students studying German went to the British Film Institute with Frau Probodziak and Frau Cranenburgh. They spent the first half of the day learning about the history of German cinema - from early expressionism and silent films, through to Nazi propaganda, post-war reflections on the Third Reich, East German film-making, and items from the 'new wave, of the late 90s, and finally contemporary reflections on the turbulent Germany history of the past century. 

In the afternoon, we had a film screening of 'Good Bye, Lenin!', a film about life in East Germany and the relationships in a German family at the time of the fall of the wall. 

This invaluable day prepares year 12 students for the study of the film 'The Lives of Others', which they will be examined on, and provides year 13 with the chance to revise this content for their summer exams.


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