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13 Dec - Olavian Mock Election results


Yesterday, the whole school took part in a mock election, mirroring the general election. In the weeks leading up to the poll, the parties engaged in a variety of campaigning events, running their own hustings and participating in a well- attended debate. This was reflected in a strong student turnout of 72%, which is well above the average for a normal general election and may have been influenced by the torrid weather experienced.

Year 10 should be congratulated for a particularly strong showing and Year 13’s low turnout can be somewhat accounted for by the number of students away on interviews. There were twelve constituencies for students and one constituency for staff. The results per constituency were 11 for Labour and 2 for the Green Party. However, due to the nature of the First Past the Post voting system, this Labour domination was not reflected in the total vote shares achieved by each party, as shown in the pie chart.

Thank you to all those who helped run this election, particularly Mr Espejo, Mr Greenwood, Mr Haines and Mr Wearn.


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