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18 Dec - Physics Olympiad Success


Congratulations to our Year 13 Physicists, who had another very successful year in the Physics Olympiad. The question papers are incredibly challenging, testing the problem solving abilities of the participants, and going well beyond the bounds of the A-Level curriculum. 2100 students took part across England and Wales. Any award in this gruelling examination is a fantastic achievement, in fact, only 10% of the 2100 participants scored over 50% of the total marks available.

10 St Olave’s students (equalling our record) showed the determination, knowledge and resilience required to gain a classification. Bronze awards were gained by James Hayes, Sakir Azimkar, Indumita Prakash, Beatrice Elliot, Debby Bakare and Vishal Dhayalan. Silver awards went to Anujah Mohanathan, Alan Gurung-Lama and Charlie Anderton. Bizarrely, Charlie is not studying Physics A Level! However, special mention has to go to Nicholas Munro who became only the 4th St Olave’s student in the last 7 years to gain a Gold Award, a truly phenomenal result.

Well done to all the students who participated, for all of them this is a valuable step in developing skills for their future studies and careers.

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