12 Feb - Netball Vs Langley


Both netball teams played a home fixture against regular competitors Langley school for boys - a shortened game saw quarters of very competitive match play and determination from both sides. For the A team, the final score was 7-3 to Olaves, achieved in part by excellent team work and confident shooting. For the B team, Olaves maintained a strong lead throughout their quarters until the last few minutes of the game when Langley just managed to come back, ending the game at 7-6 to Langley.

Overall an enjoyable fixture and great to play against Langley again after other prior home and away games this season. Player of the match for the A team was Toni - her fantastic shooting helped secure a win for the Olaves girls, and her excellence as a team player helped raise the standard of play hugely.

Both teams continue training very hard for the numerous back to back fixtures as we continue through the season.

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