3 March - Macbeth at the Globe


Despite a very cold wind the ‘Scottish play’ proved a huge success with year 7 at the Globe. Updated for 2020 and abridged to a 90 minute version there was plenty of action, blood and gore for us to enjoy. We stood in the pit with the witches surrounding us on podiums, passed Birnam Wood branches to the front and were mesmerised by confetti as Macbeth celebrated his coronation.  The costumes were a highlight with the cobalt blue of Scotland cutting a dash in beautifully tailored coats and the English depicted as the vanquishing force in white. A pregnant Lady Macbeth made for a chilling representation of the evil queen. 

The boys were a credit to the school as they followed instructions well and relished standing close to the action. This was an excellent introduction to Shakespeare in performance. 

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