4 June - Galactic Challenge Results


Well done to all the students who responded to an enrichment work opportunity they were offered during lockdown.

The followng students recently entered the Galactic Challenge Digital Competition, a competition for children aged 9 and up https://gchallenge.org/compete/digital-competition/.  Students worked on this completely independently. Each of our teams received excellent personal feedback on their entries and were awarded the following results:

Project Opis - James Hayes, Sophie Bata-Madden and Nicholas Munro Y13 - Achieved best in KS5. James and Sophie were also in the winning team for the National final of their older comp (UK Space Design)

Proxima  – Vaibhav Mehra (10N), Siddarth MIshra (10L) and Harsha Pendyala (10N) - Achieved best of KS4

The Bumblebee – Amogh Bhat (8L),  Srithan Chanda (8L) and Raagav Manivannan (8H) - Achieved a Gold Award 

The Lunar Loner - Shaun Abraham (8B) - Achieved a Silver Award 

Moonsensus Nomad - Arpan Sharma (7C) and Kaustubh Malviya (7C) -  Achieved a Bronze Award 

Roll Model - Aashman Kumar (8B) and Jawad Uddin (8B) Achieved a Bronze Award 

Apollogy - Aarav Gupta (8B)  Achieved a Bronze Award

MOON-V - Aryaa Saravanakumar (8H) and Praneel Agrawal (8H)  Achieved a Bronze Award

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