20 Aug - GCSE Results


We are delighted to be able to share the GCSE results with students today. These are a testament to students’ hard work and perseverance over the last five years and the support of their teachers. As you know, this year’s GCSE results had to be awarded differently from usual after exams were unable to go ahead due to Covid-19. Congratulations for everything students have achieved in this most difficult of years.  

Andrew Rees, Headteacher, said: “Today we must focus on the positives and celebrate the wonderful achievements of a very fine year group, and not just academically. A great deal of what they have accomplished cannot be measured. Their contribution to co-curricular activities, to teams and societies, their leadership on student councils, and being role models for younger members of the School has been impressive. These are the things, which are not directly related to examinations grades, but are achievements of enormous value. I know as Olavians they will continue to contribute to life in the Sixth Form. We wish them all every success as they move onto the next stage of their education and lives.” 

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