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2 Oct - European Day of Languages


On Tuesday 29 September, we celebrated the European Day of Languages in school. Students had the opportunity to engage with unusual facts, quizzes, and games about languages in their form time, to learn about how speaking more than one language shapes your brain, and to re-watch the immensely popular video from last year's assembly of staff and students talking about why languages are important to them, in a foreign language. 

There was also an engaging display in the foyer of our MFL Sixth Form Prefects, along with staff across all subjects showing which languages they spoke and featuring a favourite quote or saying in that language. 

Our fantastic Prefects also launched an MFL virtual bake off competition for all years. Students can submit photographs of their European bakes to earn house points. The winners will be chosen by our Prefects next week. 

The day also featured staff wearing foreign or cultural dress into school - such as a traditional Dirndl, hat from Kazakhstan, French outfit complete with beret, and sporting various colours of national flags on clothing.

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