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2 March - Onatti play for our German linguists


On Monday 2nd March, it was the Germanists´ turn to enjoy a play by the theatre company Onatti, performed by two German actresses. “Meine neue Schwester” is about sixteen year old Katarina, whose mother is acting rather embarrassingly around her new boyfriend Gunter. The only silver lining promises to be Gunter´s daughter Sonja. Finally someone fun and understanding with whom to share the joys and worries of teenage life! To Katarina´s deep disappointment Sonja turns out to be an utter nightmare – rude, condescending and far too cool for Katarina´s world. Opposites attract though and the two girls eventually overcome their differences. Students all agreed that they thoroughly enjoyed the play and even the boys in their second year of learning understood about 80% of it. They certainly did their German teachers proud when being called upon stage to act!

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