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12 June - UCAS Day


Following AS-Level study leave and examinations, we welcomed back Year 12 students in the middle of June for their UCAS day. Students received a general introduction to the higher education admissions process and advice on writing a personal statement from Nicholas Johnston of Durham University, who offered helpful insights before students finalise their application in the autumn term.  This was complemented by a panel comprising recent St Olave’s leavers and current Year 13 students, who kindly came in to offer a student's perspective on the challenges which Year 12 will face. Year 12 heard about the quirks of the admissions process, the joys of offers and heart-ache of rejections and also the experiences of writing personal statements. We trust that this firm foundation of advice will stand our students in good stead for a wealth of successful applications in the year to come and will encourage them to aspire with realism and confidence for some of the most sought-after courses and institutions in the country.

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