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17 July - Geographers trip to Iceland


Our Year 11 and 12 Geographers had a fabulous time in Iceland in Activity Week 2. The land of ice and fire - wow! What a place to visit, with it’s fantastic waterfalls, spouting geysers, bubbling mud pools, volcanoes, rift valley and fast retreating glaciers. They learnt about river features, the process of rejuvenation and pioneer ecosystems, as well as seeing tectonics and glaciers in action. In amongst the sight-seeing of the fascinating geographical features, they got to visit the Blue Lagoon, don crampons to walk on the glacier and even go lava tubing, which is caving in a tube created by lava! Many of them were keen to see the late sunset at 11.30pm, and even then it did not get dark before sunrise at 4.30am which the keenest got up to watch on the last morning!

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