21 May - Year 8 Boulogne Trip


Despite having to wake up early at to get an early Channel tunnel crossing, as year 8 students arrived in school at 5.30am we were all talking about what we would be doing in Boulogne.

After the journey from the school to Folkestone, across the Channel then on to Boulogne, we stopped just outside the city walls at the top of the town. After walking along the ramparts and looking at the views, we then visited a grand basilica church with an impressive dome. We then went to the market and we were allowed to go wherever we wanted within the market.

Year 8 trip to Boulogne 2014Although some struggled to use the correct grammar and vocabulary, we had a lot of fun watching nervous people hesitating to buy and then ending up buying 2kg of potatoes! After the market, we took a walk down to the port and along to the beach where we had lunch.

Sea-life Centre, BoulogneAfter lunch we went to the sea-life centre where we had a chance to admire the sharks, tropical fish and other creatures before watching the sea-lion display with their impressive jumps and tricks.After a brief visit to the shop we went out to find the rain had really set in, so beach games were abandoned in favour of a visit to the large shopping centre of Cité Europe, where we could spend our final euros. After a long, tiring but fun day, we had the long coach journey back to school. Overall, everyone found it to be a great and fun experience.

by Adam Ruhomauly, Year 8

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