27 Jan - Natural Sciences Journal - Issue 10


The latest edition of the Natural Sciences Society Journal, Issue 10 has now been published. Congratulations to President, Judi Kasem; to the other member of the editorial team, Tyreese Hines, Sahil Jain and Samson Woodley; and to all the contributors on another splendid publication. As you will see from the list of topics below, there is no limit to our students’ intellectual curiosity and pursuit of scholarship.





  • Two parents aren’t enough.                                Isabelle Murray
  • Diseases helped by antibiotics.                          Radh Siddiquee
  • PEP vs PreP.                                                    Megan Hennessey
  • Naked mole rats – gross or great?                       Claire da Silva
  • Catastrophising and chronic pain links.                 Caitlin Allwin
  • Genetic testing in Alzheimer’s treatment.              Daniel Maghsoudi
  • The danger of superbugs.                                    Freya Selfridge
  • The fight against antibiotic resistance.                  Jeron Thaiparampil
  • Cell cannibalism.                                                 Namithaa Sunil Kumar
  • Is water killing us?                                               Cristiano da Cruz
  • The neuroscience of music.                                  Rachel Farrelly
  • How do chameleons change their colour?               Jodie Hummersone
  • Arachnophobia: nature vs nurture.                          Maggie Lan
  • The unexpected relevance of Pi.                            Sohayl Ujoodia
  • Robotic surgery.                                                   Ishaan Lal
  • Consciousness.                                                    Carmina Tutt
  • The chemistry of fireworks.                                    Jasmin Ly
  • Sports medics’ responses to head injuries.              Judi Kasem

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