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24 Feb - Yr9 & 10 Linguists


Students have been very active in Foreign Languages recently. Years 9 and 10 attended a performance of the play Auf dem Campingplatz by the Onatti Theatre Company. It was about an eventful camping weekend for two friends in the middle of nowhere, without food and with no phone reception. Whilst Jürgen is prepared to make the best of it, Sonja is struggling to cope with sleeping in a tent and nowhere to plug in her hairdryer! Inevitably, the arguments start… Students all enjoyed the play, understanding well and further expanding their German vocabulary. As always, they were all too keen to contribute and did their teachers proud!

They have also been watching Roland Suso Richter´s Der Tunnel which won the German Television Award for Best Film. Based on the true story of Tunnel 29 through which 29 people escaped to freedom, the film is set in Berlin 1961, shortly after the building of the Berlin Wall. Germany is a country divided. Harry Melchior, a champion East German swimmer, has narrowly escaped the communist regime of East Berlin under which he had already been imprisoned. Now in the West, he is determined to free his sister. Joined by others also desperate to help their loved ones, they have an audacious plan: to tunnel beneath the wall and the ‘death strip’ patrolled by border guards. But not everyone can be trusted and they are soon digging for their lives in a nerve-racking race against time.

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