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7 March - Year 10 Geography Trip


On Thursday 2nd of March, having delayed our trip due to storm Doris, we set off on our field trip into Orpington with the aim of collecting data for our investigation on different ways of life within an urban area. We had a planned route throughout town, with various sites to visit, in order to collect data about the environmental quality, as well as to complete our questionnaires. We observed various factors that we had considered beforehand which contribute to “way of life”. These included how much litter and how much evidence of crime which can indicate the wealth and quality of the street. We also took a pedestrian count to indicate how crowded an area gets. Once we got to the High Street, we asked people in the area to complete our questionnaire, which was an indicator of why people were in Orpington. When we finally got back to school at lunchtime after completing the 4.5mile walk, we started analysing our results for our write up. This work will be used towards our GCSE Geography exams in year 11.
By James Gander


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