24 March - Cambridge Yr 10 Trip


Year 10 Physicists students enjoyed a trip to the Cambridge Colleges Physics Experience earlier this week. The boys were based in Girton College where they were given insightful talks about life at university and the application process. Whilst on a tour of the college site, the students met with two Old Olavians, Alastair Haig and Lucy Morrell. The afternoon was spent at the world famous Cavendish Laboratory. The boys were given brief history tour, and encountered some incredible devices from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Devices which were used by Nobel laureates such as Thomson and Rutherford, to investigate the nature of sub-atomic particles . Our boys excelled in an Isaac Physics problem solving session, much to the delight of their guide, who had to part with more prizes than he had expected. An opportunity to investigate telescope optics in the laboratory, and a lecture on Atronomy rounded off a fascinating day. 

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