19 April - Year 9 & 10 Bondues French Exchange 2017 – French leg


From 29th March to 5th April 2017, 30 Year 9 and 10 students of French were welcomed by their exchange partners in Bondues near Lille. The weekends and evenings were spent in families, playing sports and visiting sights, or even spending the day in Paris or by the sea-side. During the week, the boys visited the Vieux-Lille, as well as a waffle making factory in Houplines, impressing the owner with their knowledge of French food vocabulary. In Lewarde, they learned about the importance of the coal mining industry in Northern France and the daily life of miners in the 20th century. They also had a taste of school life at La Croix Blanche, enjoying their two hour lunch break in the canteen and on the playground, whilst taking somewhat less of a liking to an 8am start and a 5:30pm finish. One of the highlights probably was spending a day in Parc Astérix, where students not only learned more about their favourite comics characters but also had to practise their language skills in order to read the French signs. Nous sommes tous des Gaulois!


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