10 May - Slug it!


Junior Natural Sciences society are participating in an innovative programme called “Slug It!” which is run by the Royal Horticultural Society. This is a brand new initiative to take a closer look at the nation’s most persistent garden pest – the Slug.  We will be conducting a scientific experiment that will hopefully inform us which control methods will help protect our gardens from slug and snail damage and this research, gathered from a multitude of schools, will for part of a larger data set used for a scientific publication and hopefully benefit gardeners across the globe. The members of Junior Natural Society will now be focusing on the project of getting our school’s Biology garden to a suitable standard to conduct this research. We are very pleased that the Parent Association have volunteered to help us in clearing the Biology garden after the Easter break. The boys are excited and have started on this fun new venture to transform the garden over the next few weeks. 
Written by Feijiro Okagbare


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