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10 October - Sixth Form Art Trip


Sixth form Art students visited Lookout, the third Folkestone Triennial. Here they experienced the work of internationally recognised contemporary artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Yono Oko among many others who had been invited to use the seaside town as their canvas. A guided tour of some of the highlights by a member of the Creative Foundation took the bravest students up to see the sights from the top of the viaduct in Marjetica Potrč’s The Wind Lift before leading the whole group around the creative quarter to see works such as Gabriel Lester’s viewing station across the old train tracks constructed entirely from bamboo, and Something & Son’s concept fish and chip shop. After a quick stop for lunch the students then made their own artworks, and inspired by Michael Sailstorfer’s Folkestone Digs (30 pieces of 24 carat gold buried under the harbour beach), hid them around the town for unsuspecting visitors to unearth. The trip proved a fantastic opportunity for the students to experience art-work outside of a gallery and will greatly benefit their work.

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