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11 July - Year 12 trip to Cambridge University


12 prospective engineers from Year 12 visited Cambridge University on Friday the 7th of July. Professor Andrew Flewitt, and Old Olavian, hosted the students in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the West Cambridge Site. Professor Flewitt introduced the students to the subject of Engineering, and then gave a lecture on the topic of electromagnetism, a notoriously difficult topic! The Year 12 students were tested as Professor Flewitt explained the origin and meaning of one of Maxwell’s equations, using vector calculus in his derivation. A new branch of Mathematics for our students. Maxwell’s four equations describe electromagnetic theory, and an unexpected consequence was that they explained the nature of light as an electromagnetic wave. Students were then given a tour of the clean fabrication facilities, and were introduced to methods of growing carbon nanotubes, and developments in transparent electronics (see through transistors!). A short walk into Cambridge was followed by a tour of Sydney Sussex College, where Professor Flewitt is a fellow. The students had an enjoyable and thought provoking day, and we look forward to welcoming Professor Flewitt back to the school next year, where he will deliver an Olavian Lecture, which on the evidence of this trip promises to be a fascinating insight to the electronics of the very near future.

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